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Two things we often hear from creatives is the idea that ‘hybrid is the future’ and the power of the Do It Yourself generation. For a panel on coding,women in coding? Just ask them about coding Also do not sit them at both ends of the panel This is not a sandwich Stock PhotographyThe Test: Two or more women looking happy eating burgers while dismissively pushing their lettuce leaves to the side of their plate and attempting to hide them underneath the sachets of ketchup Two or more women in boardrooms with other women Two or more women looking at their reflection and looking happy Two or more women doing yoga and falling over Two or more women whose faces go blotchy when they cry Two or more women who never cry except when theyre forced to look at awful photos of women looking happy while eating salad AND SO ON TelevisionThe Test: Two or more women in the credits of every single TV show without the title assistant preceding their names NewspapersThe Test: Two or more women on every page of the newspaper (We were going to specify fully-clothed women but then we realised we wanted to include journalists bylines in this And if you want to strip off to write your articles turn up the radiators and go right ahead But lets pop a sweatshirt and jeans on the girl on page three either way) MusicThe Test: Two or more lyrics about a womans personality Rather than you know how she looks in apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur AdvertisingThe Test: Two or more women wearing two or more items of clothing (Note: Apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur are great here But add a t-shirt to the mix too)BusinessThe Test: Two or more women managing two or more men without comments being made about their childcare arrangements and whether or not theyre missing parents evening Also two or more women speaking in a meeting without being interrupted And two or more women on the shortlist for every single industry award (Hint: if you're struggling to find enough women to shortlist that would be a surefire sign that it's time to employ some more wouldn't it)GovernmentsThe Test: Two or more women heading up sectors other than gender equality or healthcare EducationThe Test: Two or more women looking after departments other than English Literature History of Art and/or Sociology They also need to be allowed to set up projectors on their own without well-intended-but-entirely-condescending support from a 47 year old Physics lecturer who just happened to be walking past the lecture theatre at the perfect moment Given owner Anotinis Vergetakis' liking for electronic gadgetry,maroquinerie de luxe paris, a state-of-the-art living room and kitchen with a light system that belongs in a nightclub, By monitoring the speed of the biological clock,longchamp le

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